Council Information

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Council Information

There are over 700 community and town councils in Wales. They represent the level of government closest to the people and have a role in providing the voice of local residents in the delivery and maintenance of public services in Wales.

Glyntraian Community Council has 10 Community Councillors who represent local electors. Councillors are elected every four years. The last elections were held in May 2017.

The Community Council meets at 6pm on the first Wednesday of each month except August. The Community Council meetings are held in the Oliver Jones Memorial Hall, Dolywern, Llangollen, Wrexham, LL20 7BA. Any member of the public wishing to attend a meeting is welcome to do so and should contact the Clerk.

Who Represents Me?

This section provides links to information on how to find your Councillor, MP (Member of Parliament), AM (Assembly Member) or MEP (Member of the European Parliament).